Celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday

IMG_4001St Botolph’s held a very special street party on Friday 10th June.  Not only was it the day we celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday but we also celebrated our very own Queen – Canon Cynthia Hebden.  Canon Cynthia is retiring from our church and we wanted to her to know just how special she is to our school.  The children are writing blog entries to add to this and photos will follow shortly!  Check back to find out more.

Urban Strides

On Friday 29th April, Andy, the leader of Urban Strides came in to teach us how to street dance.  Everyone in KS2 took part and had so much fun.  Andy started school with ambitions of becoming a professional street dancer . Back then there was no such thing as a professional street dancer, so it was virtually impossible to get the job he wanted.  Andy somehow made it to be the 1st street dancer to perform in front of her majesty the queen.

Charlotte, Panther



KS1 have been learning all about Italy this term (Summer 2016) – here is some of their work.

This is some of Abigail's work from the Leopards.

This is some of Abigail’s work from the Leopards.

IMG_2664 IMG_2665IMG_2666

Greg Foot visits St Botolphs

We had a great afternoon on the 1st of February thanks to Noah who won a science competition with his amazing fact – elephants have teeth the size of a brick.

On Monday afternoon Greg came to our school and showed the whole school some of his amazing science experiments –  Noah had a great time punching custard -it was sticky and gooey! 

An interview with…

Mrs Pepper said that her favourite children’s book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and her favourite adult book was Pride and Prejudice.  Her favourite colour is blue and she has the same favourite flower as Miss Holden as they both like lily’s.

Mrs Pepper said, her favourite wild animal was a giraffe although she doesn’t have one as a pet!  She does have 2 rabbits and a cat and two children.  One of her children is 14 and the other is 9 (almost 10!) Pepper said her favourite  instrument was her voice and that her favourite band was Take That of course! She said all the teachers love Take That!

Mrs Pepper said that her favourite chocolate is Galaxy and her favourite food was chicken tikka curry. Mrs Pepper said, her most hated food was anything healthy except fruit because she loves fruit and she has a massive sweet tooth.

Mrs Pepper said her favourite sport is dance.

St Botolph’s record breakers


What can we say – almost half of St Botolph’s completed the summer challenge which means that yet again we’ve got the trophy for the most children to enter and finish the Record Breakers challenge.  This is now the 6th consecutive year that we’ve won it!  Keep your eye out on the Loughborough Echo and Shepshed Eye as hopefully our full story and a photo will be in soon.

A huge thank you and well done to all of the children that took part.


Coding club

Well we had our first ever Coding Club after school yesterday and it was a success!  The children loved being able to use Scratch and went away eager to continue their learning.  Next week we will start on our first project – Rock Band.


St Bot’s Rock n Rule!

We have had a superstar time being St Bot’s pop stars.  Rachel and Jim, from PopUK.org came to school for three mornings to teach us 7 songs.  We learnt all of the words and actions to go with them.

Then last Friday, Jim brought in his recording studio.  We had to sing all of the songs without any fidgeting or sneezing because it would go onto our cd.

Yesterday, we had two concerts for all of our grown ups and special visitors in St Botolph’s church.  We sang so loudly the floor was like an earthquake!  We were so good we think we should be on Britain’s Got Talent.  Keep your eyes out for us – you never know!

Olivia, Millie, Anna (Jaguars)


Build a den day supporting Save the Children

We’re all looking forward to our afternoon of den building.  The children are going to work in small groups of mixed ages to build their very own dens.  They will be working inside or outside – wherever they fancy!
Although this is a fun afternoon it carries a serious message.  We will be raising awareness of the children that don’t have a home to call their own and how it can affect lives.

We’ll blog some of the photos for you to see our budding architects in action.